HOLIDAY: Easy Recipe for NO BAKE Oreo Balls


With the holidays fast approaching.. what better time to share an easy recipe you can take with you to those holiday events!! People will love these, and think it took way more effort than it did!!
So lets begin shall we?


Ingredients:  1 pkg of Oreos
                    1 block of cream cheese
                    1 pack of bakers chocolate/melting chocolate

Directions:  Crush Oreos to the consistency of dirt. :):) Add in cream cheese and mix well. Form 

                   your mixture into balls of whatever size you’d like. Chill until firm (this will help the
                   balls retain their shape as you dip them in warm chocolate) Melt the chocolate and dip
                   the oreo balls in, coating them fully in chocolate. Chill until ready to serve!!

Couldn’t be easier!! I hope you all enjoy!!

For a video on this recipe, please visit our youtube page:
Video Link to The411Mommas youtube video

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