Kids Christmas Gift Favorites

Happy New Year Mommas!!!
Just thought I’d share some of my kids Christmas gift favorites just like I did on our You Tube channel last year! Click here to see our faves from last Christmas 🙂
My kids think this is the best night light ever and it’s super cute and cuddly!!!

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2. LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer

We were actually on the hunt for this last Chrismas 2011 and were lucky to get a hold of this upgraded version this Christmas. 3 words to sum up this pricey purchase…BEST.INVESTMENT.EVER.
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3. Fisher-Price Servin’ Surprises Cook ‘n Serve Kitchen and Table Set

Wow that name is a mouthful! But seriously this toy can keep my 2, 3 & 5 year old entertained for hours…no joke! And it converts into a table…who doesn’t love multi-functional products?

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4. Twister Trax 253pc glow in the dark set

An item intended for my 2 year old son, has become a favorite toy for my 2 older girls as well! I love any toys that all 3 kids can share together…or attempt to share 😉
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5. Lilo & Stitch DVD

My kids have been renting this video non-stop from the library, so it was a must have stocking stuffer for them this year…again another item they all can share! 
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6. Spider-Man Toddler Bean Bag

Remember bean bags as a child? I used to have a big round red one! So it didn’t surprise me that this gift was a hit with my little spider-man fanatic!
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7. American Dolls

A pricey item that I would never buy! Thank goodness for Grandmas right? My girls love their dolls so much that they sleep with it every’s so sweet!
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What are some of your children’s favorite gifts this year? Share it with us on our Facebook page or my video below!!!

xoxo COLE

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