Easter Chicks in the Nest (Johana)

 Easter it’s coming up and it’s such a good time to spend time with the family and enjoy the joys of it. And if you are looking for a good idea to make some treats, I have you this one and it’s really easy to make specially with the kiddos.

We loved them, they are sweet, colorful and really inexpensive to make. It’s a great way to spend some time in the kitchen with your kids, I’ve grown very fond of doing these kind of activities with him now that he is older because he is really eager to help me and it’s such a great quality time between us.

The things that you are going to need for this project are the following:
-Shredded coconut
-Easter Peanut M&Ms (or regular ones if you have any kind of allergy, also jelly beans could work)
-Chocolate (I used the one for melting)
-Fake grass just as decoration.

Below you will find the instructions to make them.

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