GoodNights Tru-Fit Real Underwear (Kalei)

Hey Mommas!
My video is an introduction on the GoodNights Tru-Fit Real Underwear for Girls.
My daughter is Fully potty trained, however we do encounter accidents every now and then, — especially if she had a long day playing or if we give her the night time milk before bed.
Most nights, she wears the regular training pants and is really good at waking up and going to the potty!
I wanted to share my thoughts on the starter kit that I recently purchased and give you my thoughts on how I liked it!
So far, my daughter LOVES it because it doesn’t look like a diaper or a pull-up and I get a little break during some nights without worrying if she made an accident.
I would love to know your thoughts and if you had any methods besides the usual, don’t give any liquids an hour before sleep method because half the time, she gets her milk fix about 2 hours before sleeping so it gives her time to get it out of her body!
Thank you for watching and reading!
You can find these at Target and the webiste:

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