How I Make Time For Myself

I know it’s hard to make time for yourself when you have a ton of things going on in life and trying to make sure the whole family is taken care of leaves not a lot of time for yourself.
I had to learn to take time out for myself because I found that I was running myself to the ground thinking about everyone else. At first, I felt guilty. Did I really need alone time or was I being selfish?

After 4 years of being a mommy, I learn that it isn’t selfish. This actually helps you re-charge and get clarity when you make time for yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton to feel like a million. Here are some ways I make time for myself without feeling like I’m neglecting my mommy duties!

  1. I use Friday Night or Saturday to primp and do a spa like day. The DIY facial masks, nail polish and marathons of my favorite movies are on all day long. My daughter is with her father for the entire time I’m doing these things. 
  2. I workout. I get in my zone with lifting weights or out for a run. I put on my play list and just go in and leave all my thoughts in that workout. 
  3. I love music and playing classical piano. It relaxes me! I play for at least 20-30 minutes and sometimes I’ll learn a new piece. 
  4. Showers/relaxing bathes are nice alone time too! I put on some music and just take time to relax in a bubble bath or just take a nice long shower. I get to think and feel amazing after. 
  5. Reading is something I like to do outside or on a gloomy and raining day. It’s been storming here in Florida everyday so I like to get my favorite books (I love self help, positive thinking and living books) and I’ll just read. Write notes and just relax under a comfy blanked with a cup of tea. 
There are a ton more things I like to do, but these are simple and easy. Require no money because you might have it all in your home! I have DIY tutorials on my Lifestyle and Beauty channel if you’d like Ideas and if you have any awesome tips, feel free to share them so other mommas can use them too! 
– Kalei

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