Traveling With A Little One | Travel Kit

I recently went on a trip with my little one and boy was it different from the last time I took a trip. When Hoku was little, it was much easier to entertain her without having to tend to her because she slept most of the time. My recent trip was a challenge because she is 4 and got bored pretty quickly.
Luckily, I put together a Travel Kit that was such a help when I was on a road trip and I wanted to share the contents that helped me out!

Travel Kit Essentials

  • Coloring books and crayons – My little one LOVES to color and most of the trip, she was going to town with her coloring books. I also had a sticker book with activities that kept her busy too! 
  • School workbooks & homework – Hoku loves school and loves to do homework! Her teacher gave her some assignments and as we traveled back, she did her workbooks and was able to turn it in Monday morning. 
  • Shopkins/Toys – dolls, small toys and other things usually keep her content. We were able to find a whole bunch of shopkins while we were on vacation and I told her for every 2 hours she was good, she got to open a new shopkins. I kept a bucket where she was able to store them and instant happiness was in the back seat! 
  • Movies, games, iPad – I know some are against technology, but I don’t mind it as long as I minimized how many hours it’s being used. I had a bunch of movies, educational games, my little pony and more all on there waiting! 
  • Music – Believe it or not, listening to their favorite music helps keep them content. I love to put on classical, jazz, filter pop (Without the bad words) And Taylor Swift because she is obsessed!

This kit didn’t completly kill the boredom, but it did help when you are driving a 9 hour car ride. They helped me out a lot and I hope they help you too when you are on your next trip!

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