5 Ways to Enjoy Your Holiday Season

Can you believe the holiday season is upon us already? As moms it can feel like there are a million things to do to get ready for the festivities that come along with this jolly time of year.
No matter which of the end of the year holidays you celebrate there are a few things that you can do to make your experience a little more easier.

Shop for presents online
We discovered this little trick last year when we were in a little time crunch- who am I kidding? We were in a  major time crunch with getting presents for the kids. My husband and I were able to sit at the computer without dealing with the hustle and bustle of the mall and order what was on the kids’ Christmas lists. We were able to find and compare prices as well. My favorite part was when the gifts arrived they were already boxed up! All I had to do was wrap those babies up and toss them under the tree! BAM!

Create a budget
It’s really easy to over spend during the holiday season. After all there are a billion sales going on to entice you to part with your hard earned money. By listing out everything that you actually need to buy and creating a budget will help you deal with emotional purchases. In the end you will be able to hold on to that joyful feeling knowing that you didn’t blow a hole in your savings account.

Do a Secret Santa with extended family and friends
Do you have a ton of family and friends that you want to get presents for but can’t afford to? Consider doing Secret Santas where you draw names out of a hat and decide on a maximum amount to spend on gifts. If you really want to give gifts to more people consider getting creative with handmade gifts or coupons for babysitting or helping out with cleaning.

Stay focused on the true meaning of the Season
It’s so easy to get caught up in the glitter and consumerism of the holiday season that we forget that there was once a very simpler time when we focused on getting together with loved ones and remembering to focus on being grateful for what we have in life. Take some time to stop and refocus your mind on what really matters to you this holiday season. Make love a priority in your day and let everything else fall into place.

Create an Advent Calendar (or a countdown to your special holiday)
A few years ago I started using an advent calendar to use as a countdown towards Christmas (which is what we celebrate). It was so much fun! Every day the kids looked forward to opening up another burlap bag to see what activity we would be doing. I loved it because it literally kept me accountable to spending quality time with the kids every day. We created new memories and a new tradition for our family. You can create an advent calendar with books focused on your holiday, movies, baking, gift making and more!

Here’s to an awesome and stress free holiday season!

Dija Henry is a proud momma to 3 kids and wife of 13 years to the coolest guy ever. She is an actor and filmmaker and loves to encourage other mommas to pursue their passion while keeping family a priority! She loves being part of the 411 Mommas! You can find out more about Dija at dijahenry.com

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