Must Have STEM Activity: MAGFORMERS

Starting Pre-K virtually from home with my youngest of 4 kids has been challenging yet rewarding. While I wish she could have started the year with her teachers and new friends in person, the positive side is that it has given me a little more time with her before things go back to “normal” again, whatever normal is nowadays!

My 3 older children had the opportunity to be in PreK full time when they were younger, so teaching her from home is teaching me new things too. I’ve been slowly collecting new books, games and activities for her to keep busy during her independent time away from the Ipad during live lessons.

This has been our first experience using MAGFORMERS: Intelligent Magnetic Construction Set for Brain Development. I love that my 4yr old can play with this for a long period of time. She loves making her own creations or using the idea booklet that comes with the Basic Plus 14 Set (Ages 3+)

I have a feeling this will be her go-to activity for the rest of the school year. Not only is it great for virtual learning, this is a perfect gift idea for the upcoming Holiday season! Exciting news is that Magformers is sponsoring a giveaway that we are hosting on our instagram! All rules and details are on our IG post! Good Luck! -Nicole

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