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With more time spent indoors this year, a collection of board games is a must! When adding to your collection you surely want to add games that the whole family can play together and games that your kids can play with their friends too. Endless Games offers an abundance of innovative games to choose from for all ages!

Starting with a game that is for ages 5-105 called The Floor is Lava!© I’m sure many kids have played this on their own before but this is the actual board game! A safe way for the kids to play and keep them off your furniture.

The Floor is Lava © is a brand-new game where players must imagine the floor is molten hot lava, while spinning for their color and jumping along foam game pieces in order to reach safety. The Floor is Lava is a family game incorporating physical activity, imagination and pure fun! Remember, DON’T TOUCH THE FLOOR!

My daughter and her dance friends got to test this out and had a blast unboxing and playing the game! One of their favorite features was the challenge cards which made the game more exciting! A must for the whole family to enjoy.

For those of you with kids that are 12 and up, another great game to add to your Holiday shopping list is Everybody Knows, a new game is all about answering questions EVERYBODY KNOWS the answers to in 60 seconds or less? Sure, the questions may seem easy, but try going 10 for 10 in 60 seconds! It’s the game of questions Everybody Knows… but can you answer UNDER PRESSURE?

This game was surely a challenge as some of the kids didn’t know all of the answers…BUT there are plenty of question cards to go around! The kids had tons of fun and the timer made it even more exciting. I already know this game will be a hit for our entire family to play together this Holiday season. If these games are not for you, I am certain you will find multiple game ideas from Endless Games!

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