How To: Raise a thankful/appreciative/grateful child!!

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A few tips on how to raise a grateful kiddo:
1. Keep a daily journal documenting the things you & your child are thankful for each day.
2. Take time to apperciate the little things in life! The sun, rain, the air we breathe.. etc.
3. Give small tokens of gratitude to your childs mentors (teacher, instructor, coach..) to be given at any 
     random time, a homemade batch of cookies, a drawing, a card… just to say “thank you” will
     be sure to make their day!
4. Have your little one draw a picture documenting the things he/she are grateful for that week, and display
    on the refridgerator!
5. A handwritten note, letter, or card.. can be created by your child and sent off in the mail to a loved one, 
    such as their grandparents, aunts & uncles etc.. just to say I love You, and thank you for being in my life!

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