A New Year, A New Me

So today is the 7th of January.  How is every one’s new years resolution coming along???
Have you been keeping your resolution? or has that ship come and gone?
I bet many of you have made some type of fitness/health related resolution.
Who doesn’t want to better themselves for the new year??

I have never been great at keeping resolutions, but this year I will take things more seriously.

Last month I had a biometric screening.
What is a Biometric screening you ask?
Biometric screening is a part of corporate Wellness programs wherein employees measure their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglycerides, blood glucose, and any other measurement that corporations and their employees choose to measure.

I was NOT pleased with my results.

My blood glucose was 107mg, a healthy person should be under 100mg,  it’s a little higher but that still put me in the dreaded RED ZONE.

And of course my BMI was also in the red zone, which is no surprise to me, I am 5’2 and 150lbs. So I knew that red zone was coming.

My dad is pre diabetic, he has been keeping healthy and exercising to keep himself from becoming diabetic. So now I want to make a change, for myself  and for my family.


I would love to say I want to be back to my pre baby weight which was 115lbs, but I am going to be realistic,  I just want to lose 20lbs and be healthy and have more energy, because I sure will need it as Jacob gets older and more… (whats a good word for “crazy hype”?)…..intense?

My health/fitness resolutions:

  1. no more soda! I am addicted to soda, (Pepsi being my poison).  This will be one of the hardest thing I would have to give up.  I could drink soda all day everyday.  I love having a soda as a pick me up during long days at work. Infact.. I could use one right now.
  2. eating breakfast!  for the pass few weeks I have been eating oatmeal in the morning and by lunch time I wasn’t as hungry, therefore I ate less for lunch! woohooooo
  3. drink more water! Many people people mistake dehydration as hunger! besides….drinking water helps your skin. It’s a win win.
  4. Working it out! My husband bought me an elliptical a few years ago, I think its time to put it to a good use.  I also tried the Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred for a week, that chick had me panting on my yoga mat by the end.  Bonus: Jacob loves working out with me too.
  5. Taking a class! there is a gym a few blocks from my house, the gym membership is super expensive ($80.00 a month) so no thank you to that! but they offer classes at a very affordable rate ($10 bucks pre class, 2 times a week).  The two I am interested in are Beginner boxing and the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. I am leaning more towards Jiu-Jitsu. Look out! I will be kicking some butt! 
  6. Seek help! I am by means no professional at this health stuff, So i made an appointment with a weight loss and nutritionist Doctor.  My appointment is not until the 26th, but that doesn’t mean I won’t start my resolution until then, this starts NOW!

So that is my game plan! to a new me!
Now off to the store I go!  I can’t start working out without some new and cute workout gear right??

One thought on “A New Year, A New Me

  1. Yay Wing! I have a TON of weight to lose, the battle of the bulge is a life-long battle for me. I lost about 30+ lbs about a year ago, when my brother got married (boy was I a hottie!) and somehow, it crept back up and bit me in the butt, the things, the stomach, and anywhere else fat can bite! So I'm going to bite back now! Great blog! Go get 'em girl! Rock that Jiu-Jitsu!

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