Why do they grow so fast?!?!

So, I just formally registered Julianna for Kindergarten as of September 2013.  When you register, you basically have to give them your ENTIRE life story (I’m surprised they didn’t want me to sign my name in blood), and to thank you for the multitude of information, they give you a mini stroke.  They tell you what year your child will graduate High School…in Julianna’s case it will be….


Yes, I do think I had a mini stroke…I nearly fell out of the chair.  I thought to myself, how is this possible?  She can’t be 5 already…I just gave birth to her…wait, I’m 33 years old!!!  Where did the time go??!?!  What happened to my teeny little baby who would smile every time I looked her way?  Time flies when you’re having fun!
It’s sad and happy all at the same time to watch our children grow, learn, and become such amazing “tiny humans.”  But don’t you wish you could freeze time and just hold that moment forever?  I find myself wishing that more and more lately, trying to pull up memories from when she was a baby, relishing in those moments.
Here’s my little venting session on how quickly time flew by for me.  What are your thoughts?
Have a great day Mommas!
xoxo Joanne oxox

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