Flying with a toddler under 2: My experience + useful tips!! (Chrissie)

Hey everyone, it’s Chrissie! In October I went for a wonderful vacation back home to Canada, and although I was SUPER excited to see family and friends, & be able to bring my son back home for a (long-awaited) visit…. I was scared to DEATH about flying with a toddler!! My son is 1.5 (infants/children under 2 can sit on your lap in an airplane) and, I can flown with him as an infant. But this, THIS was a squirmy/tantrum producing/independant TODDLER! Well friends, we made it through unscathed! ….and did I mention, we flew alone? Yup, Maxx & Me! Here are a few tips that got us through, and may be of use to you if you plan on attempting the same!

1. Book your seats closest to the rear of the plane if possible as you will be closest to the bathrooms and the attendants if you need any assistance.
2. Keep in mind when choosing your seats that some airplanes have extra O2 masks on the right side of the plane only – so if you have an extra person (lap child) you will be required to sit on that side. They moved me on one of my flights to a totally different seat because of this!
3. If you can book your flight around your childs nap time it may be a good thing! My son fell asleep on the first flight because it was his nap time and he was super sleepy 🙂
4. Sometimes airlines will give priority boarding to families with small children to allow you first on the plane. I personally waited to board LAST, so that Maxx didn’t have a chance to get fussy in his seat while waiting for everyone to board! We sat down, and in a few minutes it was time to take-off!
5. When taking off and landing it is wise to give your child a bottle, sippy cup or pacifier (something they can suck on) to assist with their ears popping and adjusting to pressure.
6. Dress comfy and dress your LO comfy as well. Forget about fashion, makeup and hair… just do yourself a favor and wear some sweats!!
7. Bringing a stroller with you will be a life saver when you are trying to shuffle from one terminal to the next. Better than trying to wrangle a toddler!!
8. Try and avoid big awkward carry-ons. I had a back pack on, and that was it. It fit everything I needed during the flight, and it was safely on my back and out of the way.
9. Some airports have childrens play areas! If you have a lengthy lay-over, this is a great way to let them burn off some steam and kill some time 🙂 Ask an employee if they have one/where it’s located!
10. Make sure to remember the essentials to bring on your flight: Bottles, snacks, water etc. Toys, coloring books, crayons and the like! (I bought M a few new toys he had never seen, this kept his interest way more) A portable dvd player with your LO’s favorite movie can be your saving grace in a melt-down situation! I would also suggest bringing their favorite blankie and teddy bear if you want them to sleep, it may help soothe them!
11. DON’T WORRY if your child isn’t an angel on your flight!! People almost expect a child to be fussy – trust me, people were astounded that Maxx was well behaved, they couldn’t believe it! There is no sense getting yourself axiety-riddled over it (like I did) hahah, all will be well and life will go on! xoxo

Oh hey, I made a video about this too!! Check it out:

Until next time my lovelies! -Chrissie <3

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