Booty workout by Kalei

Hey mommas! I’ll be creating some effective workouts on my main channel Kalei Lagunero and I want to share a video I filmed yesterday! This is a booty workout for anyone who wants to tighten, tone and firm up the gluteus: MaximusMediusMinimus. 

I have modifications that you can use if you don’t have equipment; or if you need to build you way to the level that I workout at. I’m pretty intense and hardcore with my workouts, so don’t mind the crazy hair, sweaty face and body! I hope this helps you achieve you fitness goals and you can also view my channel for more workouts! I try to keep them short, hardcore and to the point! During the holiday season, I’ll be creating more workouts to keep you motivated to workout even if you eat that thanksgiving dinner and not have to feel guilty later! So, #Letsgetitin! 

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– Kalei

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