Tasterie Review – Discovering Foods Tailored to your Allergy/Diet Needs (Claire)

Hi Mommas! Claire here. Living with or learning you, your partner, or your child must adhere to a diet due to allergies or digestion sensitivities can be a tough road. My son, Timmy is a gluten, diary, peanut and artificial coloring and flavoring intolerant. Since he is diagnosed with ASD, he has become very sensitive to ingesting any of these. It is also widely studied, that may children with ASD show great improvements on a Gluten Free and Casein Free diet. Starting this diet became a long journey of reading labels and searching through numerous grocery stores weekly! For those who are unsure how to begin a diet, are completely overwhelmed by the search, or are just looking for help finding good tasting foods that still adhere to their family’s diet… please check out Tasterie! While I was on the hunt for my own son, I came across this helpful service, founded by a Pediatrician and Mom, Dr. Lama Rimawi, looking to solve the same issue for her kids! For $25 a month, Tasterie will send you a box full of foods individually tailored to your family’s needs. Instead of standing in the grocery aisle scanning through unfamiliar products, reading reviews online… Tasterie will complete the vetting process for you. They investigate each of their vendors, where the product was manufactured, making sure each item sent fits perfectly to the diet you’ve requested. Not to mention their vendor’s foods are also taste tasted.  A box of perfect goodies ready for you every month without the headache!  How helpful is that?! 

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