Our FIRST Guest Momma on The411Mommas channel!! Breanne from HiNoon on Youtube!!

We are thrilled to be launching our #guest411momma program this week! Our channel is inviting YOU to create a video for The411Mommas channel and get the attention of our audience! In turn we will be able to link our viewers to your channel and social media outlets! For details please email the411mommas@yahoo.com.

Starting off the program this week is Breanne from HiNoon on youtube! She is here to show us her “Messy House Tour” – and I think us moms can all relate to that! Breanne is sweet & hilarious, and I know you will enjoy her! Show her some love by subscribing to her youtube channel and keeping up with her on social media :):)

Click through to her “Messy House Tour” on The411Mommas youtube channel, links to Breanne provided in the description bar below her video!

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