More #guest411mommas! Laavasmom (Tyne) Mommy2phoenix (Luna) “Homework Advice” && “Youtube Mom Tag”.. ENJOY!!

Our #guest411momma program has been in full swing these past weeks, and I have 2 new mommas to bring to the blog for you all!!

This first momma is bubbly and full of great positive energy! She will instantly draw you in and have you wanting more!  Please welcome Tyne from laavasmom on youtube :):) Her video is about dealing with homework on the daily!
Please check out her video, and click through to youtube to get her social media information!

Dealing with Homework – Tyne from laavasmom

This next mom has a sweet & genuine personality which I think many people will relate with! Her name is Luna and she is from mommy2phoenix on youtube!!
She is here to bring her Youtube Mom Tag to the channel! This tag was created by a couple of 411mommas originally and we are thrilled that Luna decided to do this tag! Please click through to youtube to grab Lunas social media information :):)

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