5 Things I’ve learned being a first time mommy!

5 Things I’ve learned being a first time mommy! These are just somethings that I’ve discovered since I’m a mommy of a toddler. This stage is a challenging stage because my daughter is growing, understand more and learning more and more every day. I’m a perfectionist and having a toddler has helped me relax a bit and not panic or stress myself out about the little things. If you have an advice or tips that you use, feel free to leave comments below! Thank you so much for watching!

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I am only sharing what I have found challenging in my life. I am in no way saying that it’s a bad thing to not be able to have lists done and have time for myself. I cannot speak for anyone else but myself and these are my own findings from being a first time mommy. I wish I could be super mom and do it all and have it together 24/7 365.

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