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I know some of you have no problems with this, but it is totally within the norm if you are falling a little short in the bedroom.  Having children, raising a family and maintaining a home; all the while working or busy doing many other things can keep us from keeping our flame lit.  
This topic is the kind of conversations I would have with my close girlfriends, and since we are a mommy community I feel like it’s okay to talk to you guys about this too.  We obviously come together on this channel because we all have more than one thing in common.  We have children, are expecting or plan on having children someday.  All of these things derive from having SEX. 
I’ve condensed some tips I’ve acquired from my girl talks, experience, things I’ve read, watched and witnessed.  Tried to keep it Rated R so I don’t offend anyone who thinks these things are too personal or TMI.  The prude can get gone, because disclaimer is out.  This is all for fun, shits and giggles.  If you gain from my tips, then great!  Don’t forget to reciprocate some tips if I missed any that has worked well for you.
5 Ways on How To Maintain Your Sex Life After Having Kids:
This is the utmost important thing.  In order for us to find the time to do anything, we have to MAKE THE TIME.  Go on dates, vacations, or even just that simple 10 minutes alone time in the comfort of your own home.  Make sure to keep it unplugged and be attentive to one another.  Try not to bring up problems, or even anything pertaining the kids for a little bit.  One on one adult time is necessary!
Again, it’s all about timing.  Remember, sex is natural and it feels great!  Not only are you sharing an intimate, pleasurable moment with your partner, but SEX has amazing health benefits.  We burn calories during sex, it helps alleviate stressors, and can put you to bed having sweet dreams!
Some of you are probably shaking your head, thinking I’m crazy for this one. Take a moment and look back at your day.  There had to have been a time where you could have dropped that cleaning spray bottle or duster, and sneak in a session somewhere in your home w/ your partner.  Our kids nap, go to school, or stay busy in their own little worlds.  As long as they are safe, take it to the closet or bathroom if you can.  LOL.
Not into leather and whips?  That’s okay, put on a sexy lingerie.  Not into sex toys?  That’s okay, how about some ice or frozen grapes?!  There are so many ways to make foreplay fun.  It doesn’t have to start right before sex.  Flirting throughout the day makes it really exciting.  If you are apart, send sexy texts. Spice it up by trying new things!
Not in a selfish, narcissistic way!  Take care of yourself and your health.  Try to eat healthy as much as possible.  Work out when you can.  These are key to boosting our confidence.  When we are confident, we feel sexy.  When we feel sexy, our partners can tell.  He’ll compliment how beautiful you are and a little stroke for our ego will keep us motivated to continue doing what we are doing. Dress nice, not only for his eye candy, but for your self confidence.  

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