Celebrate Your Lucky Moments with Walkers Cookies (TheInspiredCafe)

Hi! This is Dija with the 411 Mommas! 

Ever feel like every one is lucky but you? As a mom we have a lot to handle and sometimes it can feel like we are the ones who are missing out. But take time to see the blessings and lucky moments that are right in front of us.

Walkers Cookies was also generous enough to giveaway another box of shortbread cookies to one lucky winner!

TO ENTER: Visit our youtube channel and the “Celebrate Your Lucky Moments with Walkers Cookies” video & leave a comment below THAT video!! Good luck!!

Visit Walkers Shortbread online to view their products!

Their shortbread cookie are made with 4 basic and simple ingredients: flour, butter, sugar and salt. There is no guess work here, nothing artificial.. just straight forward & delicious. Shortbread done right!

They also offer gluten free products on their site – go check it out!

I loved working on this video and I have to thank

Launch Fishers




and Verexia Studios for donating time to help make this happen!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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