A Day in the Life of a Pregnant Lady

Hey Mommas!  My sister in law is pregnant (due in May) and one day this past winter, she sent me this funny chronicle of her day.  I had asked her permission to blog this, because it gave me a great laugh.  Hope you enjoy it too!  

xoxo Joanne oxox

A Day in the Life of a Pregnant Lady

4:30am – Wake up to pee

4:31am – Back in bed, but can’t fall asleep because I keep thinking ‘How could I possibly be hungry this early?!’

5:00am – Finally fall back to sleep

5:30am – Alarm goes off. Want to die. My puppy’s cuteness saves me from death.

6:30am – Attempt to make a smoothie, realize there are no clean travel mugs, and there’s no time to clean one. Search for the almond butter, apparently it has disappeared. Hissy fit ensues. 

7:00am – On the train, eating a sad granola bar.

7:10am – Still on train, must take off coat and scarf because I’m SWEATING. It’s 32 degrees outside.

8:30am – Arrive at usual breakfast spot. So hungry that I say ‘screw the protein’ and forgo my usual egg whites for a bagel with cream cheese (with tomato, gotta get in a vegetable). This makes me happy.

9:00am – Eat ½ the bagel and a cottage cheese snack pack.

11:00am – Hungry again, eat remaining ½ bagel. I have now finished ‘third breakfast.’

11:15am – Still hungry… WHEN IS LUNCH?!

12:05pm – Heartburn. Thank god for the stash of TUMS in my purse. 

12:10pm – WHY AM I SWEATING?! I’m sitting at my desk. I haven’t moved. How could I be suddenly sweating? I have an urgent need to take off my sweater and I would if I had more than a cami on underneath. 

1:15pm – LUNCH TIME!!! Excitedly go down to the caf looking for an exciting lunch time option… there is literally nothing edible there. Kale? Who eats kale? I’ll tell you who – dinosaurs. I must then bare the cold and go across the street for a ‘big salad’.

4:00pm – Perhaps the ‘big salad’ was not the best choice (stomach grumbles… please don’t let the gas start now).

5:00pm – Is it time to go home yet? I would rather work the weekend then continue working one more minute today.

5:30pm – I can’t even concentrate anymore, screw this. I need a drink… happy hour time! Oh wait…

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