SECRET MOMMY SWAP CHALLENGE (MommyTipsByCole) #MommySwapChallenge

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We are all so EXCITED to finally be able to share our “Secret Mommy Swap” with all of you!! The members of The411Mommas have secretly drawn names & bought each other 10 gifts (10 categories) and no one knows who has who until this week!!! We only knew the one who we were buying for and that’s it!

The categories:
1.) “super mom mode” item
2.) essential house cleaning item
3.) kitchen/cooking item
4.) health/fitness related item
5.) mommy beauty/makeup item
6.) mommy fashion/accessory item
7.) essential item for “mommy time”
8.) something that makes life easier for everyone
9.) something from our town/state (however Kat got me something she made for me)
10.) friendship gift between moms

This video is a spin-off of our a video that fellow Momma Kat (IJKFamTV) and I created called the “Mommy Swap Challenge” that we did on our main channels. We thought it would be SO much fun to take it to the next level and have all of The411Mommas do this w/ each other on the channel. It has indeed been a very exciting and challenging objective, but we are so happy to share this with these beautiful moms & crazy excited to see these videos for the first time as they unfold!!

We hope you do this with a You Tube Mom you know too!

Myself and Kat’s original Mommy Swap Challenge links:

Kat’s video of the items I gave to her.

My video of the items Kat got for me.

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