NY Baby Show – What’s New For Expecting Momma’s and Baby? (Claire)

Navigating through the world of parenthood and all the gadgets, safety equipment, clothing, diapers and toys that go along with it can be one of the most overwhelming yet exciting aspects of having a newborn. This past weekend we embarked on a 2-day mega convention of all things baby at the NY Baby Show, located at Pier 92 in New York City.


We were greeted by the fabulous MomTrend’s Lounge that accommodated bloggers of the like with lunch, VIP access, hair and make-up by Glam Squad. The icing on the cake included worry-free child care provided by The Nanny League, a fully loaded group of experienced, college educated nannies that allowed us to view the vendors child-free! Pampering, food, and child care – what more could a Mother ask for?! There are rare occasions a mother is allowed a child free experience, and this was a fantastic added bonus from MomTrend’s Lounge!

(From Left to Right. The411Mommas , Claire & Nicole – MommyTipsByCole and Founder of The411Mommas and kids – Emelyn, Dylan, and Maliya)
(From Left to Right. Danielle, of Dellahsjubilation, Me & Nicole of The411Mommas, Betsy of ThatsBestyV & Kids – Emelyn, Dylan, Maliya)
In today’s social media, picture crazed generation, having a baby means capturing every memory, milestone, and smile. Throughout the NY Baby Show, it was seemingly perfect how presenting sponsor Canon offered some helpful tips for snapping all of baby’s savoring moments as well as numerous seminars, and a preview of their products that made even the techiest photography junkies drool. You had to see the look on our founder, Nicole’s face when she came across the PowerShot G7X!
As any new parent, finding the right set of wheels for your little one is a priority to check off your list. A walk through the NY Baby Show allowed you to preview all the latest and greatest strollers, car seats and boosters for your growing baby. As a mother of 2, when pregnant with my now 5 month old I initially decided to save some cash and reuse my travel system passed down from my 4 year old, son. The variety of strollers and all the amazing accommodations presented at the show completely changed my mind! This momma is in the market for an upgrade.

One of my favorites came from Cybex, a buzzworthy, innovative creator of car seats, strollers and baby carriers. Specifically, their eye catching Aton Q rear facing infant car seat. Picture this, you’re driving and baby falls asleep per usual. For an older baby, once asleep their head begins to tilt uncomfortably forward straining their neck and possible effecting breathing problems. You’re occupied driving and you can’t resist but feel helpless to fix your baby’s position – the worst! I’ve always wondered why no one invented anything besides those bulky neck pillows. The Aton Q offers a new automatic height adjustment that addresses the sitting angle so the car seat simply and easily grows with the child. No more uncomfortable slouching baby. Ta-dah!

Another great product that we came across was the BabySmileNasal Aspirator. Clearing our little ones noses can be a fight and not always the most sanitary chores. There was a picture floating around the internet from a mom who discovered what the inside of her baby’s nasal syringe bulb looked like after numerous uses. It was filled with mold and bacteria. The batter operated nasal aspirator allows for a quick, easy suction that is painless & clean for both Mommy and baby!

One of my best investments and purchases at the show was the Vitamixblender. I have to admit, when I saw their exhibit booth a part of me couldn’t contain my excitement. The Vitamix has been on my radar for at least over a year. My kitchen was only stocked with a Ninja blender, which is a good product however did not provide me with 100% fresh squeezed juices (rather more like a smoothie) and felt like such a hassle to use and clean. The Vitamix is known for longevity and quality. My son is the pickiest of eaters and my daughter will begin to start solids soon, so having a good blender is a must! The Vitamix retails at about $499, but at the NY Baby Show they allowed a payment plan of $100 per month. How could I say no?! I’ve been using the blender for almost a week and love that I can leave my family with fresh blended fruits and veggies. The process takes no more than 5 minutes of my busy morning, there’s no separate sharp blades to handle, and gives me the perfect on-the-go breakfast. While the price can turn many away, I honestly have to say it is well worth the consideration.
Among the endless lists of baby friendly vendors, both buzz worthy brands to household companies like Babies R US, Lansinoh, Aden + Anais, Britax, and Nordic Naturals just to name a few, it was also great to see NY Baby Show include a Nursing and Changing Lounges throughout. As a nursing mom myself, I’m always pleased when events accommodate designated, private areas.

Between the accommodations and large variety of baby products to scope out, I had a great time at MomTrend’s Lounge and the NY Baby Show! If you or you know someone who’s expecting or has children, this is an event you want to be at!

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