5 Go-to Tips For keeping my Child Entertained

We have those days where we just have a ton of things to do (Like I do today because it’s Monday) And If your little one isn’t old enough for school and you stay home with them, you have to figure out how to get your work done and make sure they stay entertained.

My Daughter gets bored easily. I can have something sitting in front of her for 30 minutes and during that time I get laundry sorted, In the washer and attempt to clean the kitchen after vacuuming, she is asking to do something else.
I am at a new stage in my life because I have a little Girl and not a toddler. I can’t sit her in a play pen and allowed her to play and eventually fall asleep.

Here are my 5 go-to tips to keeping my little one entertained:

  1. Doll House, Barbies, Dolls, Tea Party Sets etc… When I was little, I played with barbies all day and every day. It took me at least 30 minutes to set it up and then I’d play and I was quiet and content. This has been a life saver for me. 
  2. Coloring Books, Arts and Crafts – seriously, this is another go-to thing for me. If found that my daughter loves to color and paint and just be a little artist. I have a ton of coloring books, crayons, washable markers and paint that keep her busy. I give her tasks like, draw something for Grandma and Grandpa! Works like a charm! 
  3. Workbooks, learning books: Since She is about to start school this year (I’m avoiding the reality currently, so If I breeze past this, I apologize. I’m not ready to accept it yet) I set her up with workbooks and I’ll let her do 3 pages of each category. She sits there and really practices her handwriting, math and reading skills. This takes at least 45 minutes because she’s a perfectionist and if it isn’t perfect, she does it over and over until she is happy. (My fault) 
  4. iPad – I know… Some parents are  probably shaking their heads at me right now. Technology isn’t the best way to keep kids busy. But it works for me! She has ABC Mouse, Her Kids YouTube App, Drawing apps, reading, math, learning games and YouTube. (You know those toy unboxing videos? Yep… I think you do!) She LOVES watching them! I have a favorites list of the videos she is allowed to watch and I teach her how to search for the videos she is looking for. So the “Home” Song from Jennifer Lopez? Yeah… she knows how to search it 🙂 
  5. Finally, The last one Dancing – My little one loves to dance! I put on some music i.e, Classical, Country, Old School, pretty much anything and I tell her to dance her little heart out. She loves it, I get cleaning music and we’re both happy! 
I hope you found this post a little helpful, somewhat of how I deal with boredom with my daughter, and I’d love to hear your go-to methods for keeping your little one entertained! Leave it in the comments below! 
– Kalei Lagunero

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