First Month Of Pre-School and What I learned

Hey Mommas and Daddy readers! My little one has been in Pre-school for about month now and I wanted to just chat about month one! This was my first time dropping her off with people that aren’t family and friends and I rarely do that too! I’m usually with her 24/7 but since she is getting older, of course we had to let her spread her little wings and test out Preschool.

The first month was hard. Trying to get in the groove of everything, learning conference times and creating a schedule that made sure I could still get what I needed done and still make sure I give her attention. She’s only in school for about 4-5 hours and so I get time to actually work without having to stop every 10-15 minutes. Of course, I drive about 35 minutes both ways so I still have a small window to be productive.

She has learned a ton of things and her focus has improved a lot! She is around children that are her age and I think its great! She is learning how to be around other’s who are her size, speak like she does and learning to understand how to work together. She is the only one, so attention is usually always on her.

Over all, I’ve been so happy she has been enjoying school and loving it! Learning so much and I have a little time to make sure I mean deadlines and work without pausing!
I’d love to hear your experience if you have a little one who is also in preschool and somethings you have learned and experienced thus far! Leave it in the comments below to create conversation!

– Kalei 

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