Halloween Costume: Ursula & Ariel (Kathy/IJKfamTV)

Halloween is just around the corner. I know a lot of us mommas have little girls whose costumes we can totally theme out with. It’s so fun when your whole family can come together and dress up in one theme. This year, my family and I had to split and double theme. My boys and their daddy were the Big Hero 6 cast, while me and my baby girl had our Little Mermaid theme going on.
The video above is not a DIY, however, my costume was my DIY. Inspirations for me were retrieved from Pinterest and Youtube of course. I gave it my own spruce and style, and voila! Ursula!
I hope this can bring you some quick and easy DIY inspirations for Halloween. I am also hoping this will encourage you to think of many variations of family costume themes. 

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