Hello everyone! Its been a really long minute since my last blogpost. Today, I will share with you my very last last minute Stocking stuffer Ideas. My List may be unconventional to your typical stocking stuffer. I find all these items very entertaining and enjoyable especially when my family sees them inside their stockings.

A. Moff Band- The Wearable Smart Toy in Pink (Iphone not included, but still a good idea!)
-The Moff Band is available on It is a Bluetooth-connected slam bracelet that connects to any smart phone and makes it a “wearable technology”. Once you download the Moff app from the Apple App store or Google Play store, sync with your off and phone together and create magic. The off band detects the actions of your child/parent and the app on the phone creates the music or sound effect of the certain action. There a 30 action/sound effects that your child can enjoy. She can be casting spells with her magic wand or be a ninja for a day and the sound of throwing ninja stars make all of the pretend come to life! My personal favorite is the sound of the drums or Air Drumming. Every air stroke my daughter makes matches the sound that comes from the app! Its so cool! We spent a good 20-30 minutes just watching our daughter dancing, hoping, and just basically moving around with the Moff Band. (Retails $54.99 Ages 3-9)

B. Kidz Bop 30 & Kidz Bop Christmas
-Ive loved KidzBop since I could remember! I can’t believe its already 30! My daughter loves the Kidz Bop series because its a lot more kid friendly version of our favorite songs on the radio. Our top pic is BAD BLOOD by Taylor Swift. Our Household are certified swifties! My Daughter’s pick is Uma Thurman, because she loves Fall Out Boys! Now that Tis’ The Season to be jolly….. The KidzBop Christmas is a great way to introduce our kids to all our beloved Christmas songs, but sang by kids! Play this CD on Christmas Morning while everyone is waking up and opening their presents under the tree!

C. Me & My Big Ideas Happy Planner
-I personally own a few planners. This by far is the most affordable one and is available at both Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. Retails for $24 however with coupons, this can go as low as $12!  For last minute shoppers like myself, planners like these are always a good idea for any moms, sisters, girlfriends, and planner girls!

D. Arm&Hammer Toothtunes
-The cutest toothbrush for your cuties! These toothbrush plays KidzBop Song in Fancy and Boom Clap. You hear 2 Minutes of Music in your Mouth. This toothbrush encourages to brush for the whole two minutes for maximum cleaning.  Due to Normal wear, toothbrushes must be replaced every three months. I

E. Animal Crossing New Leaf
– I am obsessed with this game and so is My little one! This was supposed to be her actual stocking stuffer but I couldn’t wait to play it with her! Animal Crossing New Leaf introduces social skills in a video game format. You are encouraged to talk to your neighbors and almost everyone in your town. You play the mayor of your town, and take care of everyone including make sure your approval rate is always 100%! Basic Math is also introduced. You are able to Buy and Sell things (addition & subtraction) to help your town grow, and be able to purchase things to beautify your home. I highly recommend this over Minceraft. There’s no  “bad guys” to be scared off in Animal Crossing. Its a slice of life type of game that I think any gender or age can enjoy!

F. Next Gen Console Games
Since 2015 was the best year for video games. Fallout 4 and Metal Gear V are the few most anticipated sequels of any video games of all time! Available for both XBOX One, 360, Sony PS3, PS4. As for my pick, Rise of the Tomb Raider also came out in November and thats what Im currently playing. This game is only available for the XBOX 360 and XBOX one, and will be available in other platforms late next year.  Splatoon and Super Smash Bros for the WIIU is also a popular pick! This is going to be our secret “Santa” Present for our little one this year! Video Games are usually available at any GameStop, Target, Best Buy, and Walmart!

There you have it folks! My very last last minute stocking stuffers ideas! Don’t forget the candy canes and chocolates too!

Happy Holidays!


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