3 Easy Hairstyles for girls that are dad approved too! #BeautyWithUs

3 Easy to re-create hairstyles for girls that are dad approved too! I do these on my preschoolers hair all the time when I need to get out the door but want her to look cute! (How to steps are listed below for those who need more of a narration)

#1 Space Buns
– Start With parting down the middle, secure with rubber bands. Twist and twirl into bun shapes and secure with bobby pins.

#2 Twisties
– Part a chunk of hair at the top and secure with a rubber band. Twist the secured hair and add another rubber band at the ends. Repeat to the bottom half and smooth down baby hairs.

#3 Two Braids
– Part down the middle and underhand braid to get a more raised braid. Secure with a rubber band and add a smoothing gel to tame fly-aways.

Tools needed:
Ouch-less Rubber Bands http://goo.gl/HgSYnE
Detangling Spray http://goo.gl/KlzkNV
Comb http://goo.gl/ALdhln /brush http://goo.gl/RAHYji
Bobby pins http://goo.gl/qnRpEf

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