20 Questions with Momma Ana of @anaandreaxoxo

We had the pleasure of having Ana momma of 4 (@anaandreaxoxo) as one of our Instagram 411 Mommas takeover guest for a day where she took us behind the scenes to share with us a day in her life.  She also did a guest spot on our Youtube channel showing an easy DIY budget friendly holiday wreath, which can also be applied to other holidays and celebrations (e.g. birthday parties, graduation, etc…).

Get to know more about Ana with these 20 questions below. Make sure to follow her and show some love by visiting her amazing content on her website at http://www.anaandreaxoxo.com. 


1. Morning must have?  Coffee

2.Make up item u cant live without?  Concealer hands down!

3.Go-to dinner to cook?   My kids favorite spaghetti with meat sauce, french bread, and salad.

4.Preferred form of exercise?  Yoga, but I haven’t made time for it lately

5.More kids?   No, we are good with 4.

6.Morning person or night owl?   Morning

7.Fave genre of music?   Reggae fusion, alternative, country, rock, rap.

8.Travel must have for kids? Snacks, fav stuffed animal

9.Travel must have for mom?  Travel pillow for the car. Can I say earplugs too?? Haha

10.Any mom hacks you live by?   Wake up before the kids to get ready for the day.

11.What was the last thing you splurged on for yourself?  Microdermabrasion facial

12.What do you watch most – cable, Youtube, Netflix or etc….?  YouTube of course!

13.Do you prefer beach, mountains or being indoors?   BEACH

14.Fave you tuber?   Alexandra Garza

15.Fave movie of all time?   Haha “Joe Dirt”  yes it’s a real movie.

16.Brunch or Dinner?  Dinner

17.What’s your go to cocktail or beverage?   Mimosa

18.What is your staple go to piece of clothing in your closet?  Grey knit Cardigan

19.Quote to live by?  Don’t wait for other people to be loving, giving, compassionate, grateful, forgiving, generous, or friendly… lead the way! -Steve Maraboli

20.What is one goal for yourself in 2019?   Get more social in real life 🙂



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