20 Questions with Momma Charisse of @coffeewithchulv

Charisse is a full-time working Mom originally born in the Philippines but has been living in Vegas since she was 2yrs old. She has 2 adorable sons ages 1 & 2 years old. On her free time she shares motivational tips, strategies & organizational tips as a full time working mom, in hopes to inspire other moms in anyway she can.

Learn more about with Charisse as she answers 20 questions and has also been featured as a guest recently on our channel sharing 7 healthy gift ideas! Please show her some love and follow her on Instagram @coffeewithchulv and subscribe to her youtube channel for more videos coffeewithchu.

1. Morning must have?  COFFEE! If I don’t have a coffee by 7 AM in the morning I get a caffeine headache. I know that’s bad but I am pretty much addicted to coffee.

2.Make up item u cant live without?    Anastasia Brow wiz.

3.Go-to dinner to cook?   Cooking is not an activity that I have learned to enjoy. However my go to meal is always rice, veggies and salmon. I love going to my parents house for some homemade Filipino cooking though. I can eat their cooking every single day of my life.

4.Preferred form of exercise?  Hot yoga. I took this yoga class at Life Time fitness and it was so cool because it was hot yoga mixed with some type of hip-hop songs.

5.More kids?   I would want to more kids but my husband is done. I would love having 4 boys! I currently have two!

6.Morning person or night owl?   Morning person but lately my research of study of You Tube has kept me up later than normal!

7.Fave genre of music?   Christian music, pop and some r&b.

8.Travel must have for kids? Snacks on snacks upon snacks!

9.Travel must have for mom?  Books, podcast and my journal.

10.Any mom hacks you live by?   Doing all household chores during the week so the weekend is used for chillin!

11.What was the last thing you splurged on for yourself?  It’s so weird, but if you haven’t checked out Walmart clothing line time and true. They are super cute now! So Walmart clothing haul.

12.What do you watch most – cable, Youtube, Netflix or etc….?  I have been watching more YouTube lately to get ideas for editing and learning about the new YouTube community.

13.Do you prefer beach, mountains or being indoors?   I prefer the mountains. My favorite vacation of all time was Gatlinburg Tennessee in the smoky mountains. I cannot wait to take the boys there one day.

14.Fave you tuber?  Katie Sottile, She is a friend of mine that inspired me to start youtube

15.Fave movie of all time?   HOME ALONE 2. Every time I watch that movie makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.

16.Brunch or Dinner? Dinner

17.What’s your go to cocktail or beverage?   Pina Colada

18.What is your staple go to piece of clothing in your closet?  I have this black stripe shirt that I got at forever 21 four years ago, and it fits my shoulder perfect and it’s flowy. I don’t know why love that shirt so much. And some jeans and my vans checkered shoes.

19.Quote to live by?  I have so much!

“Live Like No One Else So You Can Live Like No One Else” Dave Ramsey. 
This quote speaks to me about working hard now, so I can have a life of freedom later.

20.What is one goal for yourself in 2019?   My goal is many goals that I’m trying to incorporate into my daily habits. One goal is to not yell at my boys, because when I whisper when I’m disciplining then I realized it scares them more. Ha ha ha

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