20 questions with Anna of @mizfabulousity1

Get to know fellow boss mom of 3 boys Anna (also known as @Mizfabulousity1 on IG) with her 20 questions below. She’s a fellow Educator turned blogger/influencer covering fun events, travel and sharing her lifestyle in/around Las Vegas and Southern California area. She is also better known for her OG status on Poshmark since 2012 – find her Mizfabulousity! We recently had Anna do an Instagram takeover last October where you can replay a day in her life by heading over to our story highlights.

Welcome all of you to check out Anna’s blog at http://www.mizfabulousity.com to keep up with her #bossmom life!

20 Questions with Anna:

1. Morning must have?  Cup of coffee and enough rest.

2.Make up item u cant live without?    Sunblock, lipstick.

3.Go-to dinner or cook?   Go to dinner.

4.Preferred form of exercise?  Weights.

5.More kids?   Would of loved one more.

6.Morning person or night owl?   Night owl – I’m up all night. 🙂

7.Fave genre of music?   80s, 90s, Top 40 and Smooth Jazz

8.Travel must have for kids?  Video games

9.Travel must have for mom?  My iPhone and a pillow

10.Any mom hacks you live by?   If you want your little kids to eat invite their friends to come and have meals with them. Once they see others eating, they will too.

11.What was the last thing you splurged on for yourself?  A Gucci bag.

12.What do you watch most – cable, Youtube, Netflix or etc….?  Cable – reality shows.

13.Do you prefer beach, mountains or being indoors?   Beach.

14.Fave Youtuber(s)?  I don’t have one.

15.Fave movie of all time?   50 First Dates (Hawaii!)

16.Brunch or Dinner? Dinner

17.What’s your go to cocktail or beverage?   Sangria

18.What is your staple go to piece of clothing in your closet?  Jeans

19.Quote to live by?  I need to be empowered to maximize my full potential (my mentor and I came up with it when I was in college)

20.What is one goal for yourself in 2019?   I want to take a refresher French class.

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