20 Questions with Stacey @raisingthemvegas

Excited to introduce you all to another amazing momma! Stacey from @raisingthemvegas is married with 2 beautiful girls, Harper and Isabel along with another baby on the way. Fairly new to Las Vegas she blogs about her life as a busy mom, lifestyle and shares products she loves. We recently got a glimpse of a day in her life with her 411Mommas takeover, which you can still catch in our IG story highlights!

To learn more about Stacey and her families adventures follow her on Instagram and her blog http://www.raisingthemvegas.wordpress.com.

20 Questions with Stacey: 

1. Morning must have?  A kiss from my husband

2.Make up item u cant live without?    Mascara

3.Go-to dinner or cook?   Grilled chicken, white rice and veggies

4.Preferred form of exercise?  Netflix and chill…haha I’m not really an exercise lover, trying to get better this new year and doing some yoga.

5.More kids?  Currently have two and one on the way we didn’t plan for…surprise! We are done after our rainbow baby arrives in June.

6.Morning person or night owl?   I’m more of a morning person since children. 9 PM and you can find me in bed.

7.Fave genre of music?   Whatever’s on the radio

8.Travel must have for kids?  Tablets, water, favorite snacks and baby wipes

9.Travel must have for mom?  Baby wipes, sunglasses, phone and caffeine

10.Any mom hacks you live by?   Large pool noodle under fitted sheet for DIY bedrail.

11.What was the last thing you splurged on for yourself?  Hair and shoes

12.What do you watch most – cable, Youtube, Netflix or etc….?  Netflix

13.Do you prefer beach, mountains or being indoors?   Mountains

14.Fave Youtuber(s)?  I don’t watch Youtube

15.Fave movie of all time?   Zombieland and Pulp Fiction

16.Brunch or Dinner? Brunch always!!!

17.What’s your go to cocktail or beverage?   Wine, cranberry and vodka and mimosas

18.What is your staple go to piece of clothing in your closet?  Oversized sweater or tee from Target

19.Quote to live by?  Start each day with a grateful heart

20.What is one goal for yourself in 2019?   Healthy and positive lifestyle! We want to eat better and be more active, wellness is big for our family this year! I plan to have a positive outlook on everything, letting no negativity in this year!

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