Holiday Must Haves: VIP Pets & Cry Babies

Happy October Mommas! 2020 has been an interesting year for sure but one thing that we can look forward to before we end this year are the Holidays! We wanted to get a jumpstart and share some amazing must have items for this Holiday season, including a GIVEAWAY!

My 4 year old is surely obsessed with the experience of unpacking her toys, so the Vip Pets & Cry Babies both offer the most unique packaging! Vip Pets had a fun step by step process of uncovering her VIP pet and all the accessories. From giving the pet a mini water shower in the sink to unveiling her gorgeous hair…it was an experience that kept her busy for awhile even after she opened it.

Next up with her Cry Babies, we also had to use water in a unique way to open the packaging. With a tear shaped dropper, we added a few droplets to the designated area and suddenly the container opened on its own! Inside she uncovered her Cry Baby, accessories and we soon found that they cry colorful tears!

If you are looking to add a fun toy that is not only fun to play with but is an EXPERIENCE to open, then be sure to add VIP Pets & Cry Babies to your Holiday Wish List! Also enter our Instagram Giveaway below!!!

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