Vanness Calm Carrier for your Cat

*Guest Blogger Caitlin Beanan*

Hey guys, today I tried the Vanness Calm Carrier for my family’s cat Mayhem. It was perfect! When Mayhem was in the carrier he was purring the whole time. When you get it you have to assemble it by hand, no tools required. There are 4 parts and 4 screws to put it together. It’s easy and fast, I got the Calm Carrier put together in just 3 minutes. Once it’s together all you have to do is slide the blue part out just enough to get your cat in and push it back and lock it!

Easy as 1 2 3! Mayhem was so cute in the Calm Carrier and very calm considering he’s a cat!  Vanness did an amazing job creating an easy carrier for your cat to love, and that you will love too!  Be sure to check out the Calm Carrier at Vanness! 

The Calm Carrier, by Van Ness Pet Products, has won two awards by the World Pet Association (WPA). The WPA is the organizer of Superzoo, the largest gathering of pet professionals in North America. Their judges, comprised of top pet industry leaders, selected the Calm Carrier as the winner in two of the seven award categories: Lifestyle and Humanized Pet Products.

It has also been featured by Mid Atlantic Cat Hospital, in Queenstown, MD, in a Facebook video that has gone viral with over one million views, touting its capabilities as a “game changer” for vets and cat owners alike. 


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